Product offering

Management consulting

We provide comprehensive management consulting based on long-term experience in line and project management across industries.

We provide consulting services aimed at helping companies that:

  • are looking for the optimal way to gain maximum benefits from digital transformation
  • need experienced managers to manage change projects using digital technologies

We will help these companies define tangible digital transformation goals and, most importantly, achieve them.

Management consulting

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions


Product lifecycles are getting shorter and shorter with increasing demands for functionality, quality and compatibility. At the same time, the proportion of products that use software to differentiate their products is growing rapidly. The solution is modern ALM tools that link processes and resources across the entire product lifecycle including:

  • requirements management
  • risk management
  • planning and agile management of SW development, including testing
  • configuration management, version control, etc.
  • quality control
  • checks on compliance with sector-specific standards and requirements

We offer implementation of PTC Codebeamer solution using predefined templates for key industries such as automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, aerospace, etc.

Augmented reality

We are always looking for new opportunities to improve company processes and therefore see huge potential for expanding products using this technology to increase sales, reduce training or product development costs, improve the quality of customer support, etc.

We partner with global leader, PTC, to sell and deploy AR applications to support processes:

  • sales and marketing
  • knowledge transfer, training
  • operations and maintenance management
  • quality control
  • customer support

Key competences include:

  • creating a spatial digital twin based on a 3D scan of the real environment
  • creation of AR and VR applications using the PTC Vuforia product portfolio
  • integration of IoT sensor data and display of real data in AR/VR applications
Augmented reality

Creating a digital twin

Digital twin

We provide services to create a digital image of the real environment (digital twin) as a basis for customer AR projects, conversion of real space into an accurate 2D or 3D data model or purely for 3D visualization of corporate premises.

Advanced 3D space sensing technologies enable the creation of a digital model of the physical environment (digital twin). Subsequently, this model is:

  • published internally or externally as an interactive 3D tour or 3D video
  • transferred to an AR application development environment where it is enriched with additional digital data, e.g.:
    • design or operational data of installed equipment
    • virtual location of newly planned equipment

Creating a digital twin is the first step for most AR projects: the digitized image of the real environment is then used for e.g. teaching or simulation processes.